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How to determine the first signs of pregnancy Can anyone welcome vomiting, fatigue or dizziness? Yes! All these health problems can indicate the first signs of pregnancy. How to recognize pregnancy? Some women only find out that they are pregnant long after they do not have their period. They either do not show pregnancy symptoms or only slightly and later. On the contrary, some women are more sensitive and from the very first days they are tired and mature to be sick. Constipation in pregnancy Constipation is a common problem in pregnancy. Its main cause is an increased level of the hormone progesterone , which slows down intestinal peristalsis (bowel movement). Increase fluid and fiber intake during pregnancy . Probiotics ,  plum juice or compote and sour dairy products can also benefit . Regular exercise is also important. In the extreme case (when dietary adjustment does not help) you can use glycerin suppositories or lactulose. (Mgr. Pavla Horáková) Symptoms of early pregnancy may be [li][url=]website[/url][/li] Vomiting - does not do well with the scent coming from the kitchen or your colleague's perfume. Pay attention to the drinking regime, eat small portions often. Ginger tea or syrup or GraviHELP tablets against pregnancy nausea may relieve you . Great tiredness - whether it's morning or evening, you feel tired, as if something is creeping up on you. Supplement your vitamins and take a break. The body is going through turbulent changes. After a few weeks, you will have a little more energy again. Insomnia - even when you are tired, you look at the ceiling all night. This ailment will disappear over time. You can support a better and more peaceful sleep with an evening walk. Try supplements or herbal teas for better sleep. Heartburn - often occurs after a meal. Have chewable tablets on hand to relieve them quickly and safely Abdominal pain and nipple sensitivity - strikingly reminiscent of menstrual problems. Take care of your comfort with looser and warm clothes. Excessive salivation and more frequent urination - you salivate a lot more and visit the ladies' toilet at any moment. Headache in pregnancy It can occur especially during the first trimester. To alleviate it, take a rest whenever you feel tired, drink and drink enough, go outside "in the fresh air", treat yourself to a relaxing massage, or put a cold compress on your temples. If regimens do not help, you can also reach for medicines containing paracetamol. If the recommended dosage and use are kept for as short a time as possible, these medicines are safe throughout pregnancy. Beware of drugs containing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, diclofenac, acetylsalicylic acid, …) – it must no longer be used in the third trimester. (Mgr. Pavla Horáková) Test yourself You can only know that these symptoms are really related to pregnancy by testing them. A pregnancy test determines if you are pregnant based on the level of hormones in your urine . Most tests determine pregnancy with two strips that appear on the test shortly after immersion in a urine cup. If only one appears, it means that you are not pregnant or that the test was performed too soon after fertilization. It is recommended to test preferably from the 15th day after fertilization of the egg. If no springs appear, the test is probably wrong and you should do it again. When to see a doctor See your doctor around the 6th week of pregnancy . By this time, the ultrasound will show the heartbeat. You are pregnant? It's time to supplement vitamins! Pay attention to varied and quality food, plenty of exercise, but also rest. Supplement with vitamins and minerals! They are necessary for the proper development of the fetus. Recommended vitamins “I recommend supplementing with folic acid and other B vitamins, iodine or magnesium. The most suitable is the use of food supplements intended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers ”(Mgr. Pavla Horáková) The advantage of women who know their body You may know when menstruation will come according to the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). But why do you sometimes feel easy and feminine and sometimes awful, why do you sometimes feel like having sex and on other days at all, and how everything is related to the cycle and ovulation, few women already know. And few of them know when they have the best chance of getting pregnant. The advantage is then given to those women who practice the symptomatic method . Using the temperature and condition of the mucus, they can also determine the day of ovulation with the possible beginning of pregnancy with great accuracy. All you need is a special table for writing (or a mobile application) and a thermometer! It's that simple. Our tip To accurately measure the temperature, use a basal thermometer that measures to two decimal places.
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